We are a digital marketing agency SPECIALIZING in SEO. For over 10 years, we have been positioning websites globally, achieving successful rankings for over 200 projects as of 2023.

Professional SEO positioning

We have experience in economic sectors such as: Food and beverages, manufacturing, factories, service-based companies, cleaning services, cell phone repairs, appliance repairs, sublimation or textile printing, promotional item sellers, international courier agencies, landscaping, architecture, among others. Each project is a challenge for us. Let us help you.

Allow us to introduce you to our team of magicians!

Andrés Ropero

SEO Specialist.

Andres is our director and SEO specialist. He has been doing what he loves for over 10 years. He started by helping to position his father's events page, which eventually led him to create the company it is today. He loves traveling, eating, and adrenaline!

Laura Vasquez

Graphic Director.

Laura is our graphic designer and a professional off-page SEO specialist. She studied graphic design and industrial design, but she has specialized in website creation for the past 7 years, leveraging everything she has learned in our company. She loves cooking, pets, and traveling!

Nathalia Castañeda

Website maintenance.

Nathalia is in charge of keeping our clients' websites in perfect condition. She handles monthly maintenance for each of the websites to ensure their position on Google remains steady and to facilitate continuous improvement. She loves spending time with her daughter, is passionate about traveling, and enjoys healthy food 🙂

Martha Tabima

Sales Specialist.

Martha is in charge of conducting sales within the company. She is responsible for advising and assisting clients for sales in Latin America. She loves to travel and meet new people 🙂

Maria Fernanda B

Sales Specialist for the USA

Maria Fernanda is responsible for advising and assisting all clients in the USA or who exclusively speak English. She is our Sales Director for the entire United States. 🙂

Crishian G.

Commercial Manager

He is in charge of guiding and directing the company's sales. He is willing to address any special requirements from our clients and he loves to travel, cook, and spend time with his family

A Bit of History

Digital Marketing was born over 10 years ago with the conviction of wanting to help all entrepreneurs increase their sales through web positioning on Google (SEO); we have always been fascinated by Google positioning, and that's why our main focus and expertise is search engine optimization. In the beginning, there were other strong search engines like Bing, Yahoo, among others, but over the years, Google became our obsession. Thanks to our professionalism, we have managed to expand to: Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Panama, Ecuador, and the USA.